One of my specialisms is in supporting women throughout their maternity journey.

Each treatment can be tailor made to suit your stage of pregnancy and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

I provide you with a Maternity Reflexology Care Book which can be kept alongside your midwifery notes. This can be used as a communication tool between me and your midwife to ensure that we are working as a team for you and your baby’s benefit.

What to expect

You will be reclining on a comfortable therapy couch fully supported with pillows and covered with a comforting blanket. Only your feet and lower legs need to be exposed. Your feet are cleansed prior to the treatment commencing.

A Maternity Reflexology treatment lasts for 45 to 60 minutes and costs just £40.

For that added touch of luxury, and to enhance the relaxing and stress relieving benefits of your treatment, why not add a Head Reiki treatment for an extra £10.